Sunday, May 07, 2006

Baby steps

I could never be on "Trading Spaces" or one of those decorating shows where you redo a whole room in a day or two. I like to do things a little at a time. Take our guest bathroom, for instance. I painted it this yummy pumkin color more than a year ago, then several months later did the big project: had a new shower door professionally installed.

We ripped out the ugly old medicine cabinet with the round ball lights and had been living with a mirror propped up against the wall, until I finally decided to go with this Ikea mirror ("Tranby," only $20). (I had bought it once, decided against it, returned it, then had to rebuy it--in Philadelphia--and carted it home on the airplane at Christmas.) The new lights from Lowe's ($25 plus shades) have been in for awhile, but we finally put the mirror up last month. And this weekend Ed put up the little shelf (also from Ikea, "Baren" $10), which gives me a little more space for makeup brushes, etc.

I shopped for months to find the perfect shelving unit (actually a CD rack) for the tiny space across from the toilet. I also switched out the towel rack, toilet paper holder for some nice modern chrome ones. I have cushy cotton rugs in a sage green and some matching towels. Now all I have left is the artwork over the toilet. My friend Karen brought me a very cool piece from India, and I'm currently hunting for small black shelves to hold some ethnic goddess stuff. The whole room has a bit of an Indian feel, with some yoga photos, a bronze Shiva, and a metal mirror over the doorway.

Little by little, it'll be done soon.


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