Monday, June 05, 2006

Flower power

The Fairfield side of Parkview Flats finally has something besides beer cans and old diapers to decorate its front lawn. Neighbor and fellow condo board member Leigh Ann (see her gorgeous cigar purses) and I decided this side of the building needed some sprucing up.

So we made a trip to Home Depot (not too many people there on a Sunday afternoon) to buy some flowers. Once there, we decided we needed something to encase our new flower beds. Boy, are those cement things heavy! Thanks to the help of our husbands and some other owners, we now have three beautiful circular flower beds full of impatiens and greenery in front of our building.

I'm not a big gardener (in fact, I have a hard time keeping houseplants alive, except for basil, which I seem to excel at growing on sunny windowsills), but I've had a sneaking suspicion that it's just home decorating for the outside. Aha! Someday when we move to a single-family home, maybe I'll get more into it. But for now I'm pretty proud of our little circular gardens.

Now we just have to pray that our, ahem, neighbors don't dig the plants up and steal them.


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