Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Great minds...

So I've been giving my sister a little free decorating consulting, since she and her husband are fixing up their main floor of their four-bedroom house in the suburbs. This, after a amazing renovation of their basement last winter. They're getting new family room furniture, painting, and removing a breakfast bar and putting in an island in the kitchen.

While she and I spent a weekend in Florida, we talked about color schemes. Then she and her husband brainstormed and did some furniture shopping. These two are quick at making up their minds (unlike me) and even quicker at getting things done. So I shouldn't have been surprised when they already painted their family room a lovely shade of gold.

When I asked which shade they picked, it turned out to be Benjamin Moore's Dorset Gold (HC-8)--which coincidentally is the exact same shade on my living room, kitchen, and hallway walls. I'd post a photo of their great paint job, but she's a little more private about having her life on blogs for the whole world to see. Fair enough. But here's a photo of that gorgeous color on my walls. It looks great with our cabinets, furniture, exposed brick wall, and red accent walls. (BTW, that's cherry bounce in the cannister on the right.)


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